Thank you for your interest in the mood and goal setting study. The study will be conducted in two phases. In phase I you will be asked to complete an on-line survey that will take about 20 minutes; phase II (which can only be entered by those who have completed phase I) entails performing a series of trial tasks and recording your mood -- and it will take up to 75 minutes.

Note: It is highly advisable that you complete the online study using a fast Internet connection such as the UF network, DSL or cable connections.

Please review the Informed Consent Document below and, if you agree to participate, type in your name, e-mail, and social security number in the boxes provided, then click "I AGREE".(we need this info in order to give you proper credit for participation and will never link the identifiable information with your responses)


You are invited to be in a research study of goal-setting. You were selected as a possible participant because you are enrolled in an undergraduate Management class at the University of Florida. We ask that you read this form and ask any questions you may have before agreeing to be in the study (see contact information below).

This study is being conducted by:

Timothy A. Judge, Matherly-McKethan Eminent Scholar in Management, Management Department, University of Florida

Remus Ilies, Doctoral student, Management Department, University of Florida

Background Information:

The purpose of this study is to learn more about the role of mood and feedback in the goal setting process. Procedures: If you agree to be in this study, we will ask you to do the following things:

1. Complete a personality survey
2. Perform a series of task trials
3. Set performance goals before each trial
4. Record your mood before each trial

You do not have to answer any question you do not wish to answer. The data you provide will be combined with those of other participants in this research.

Risks and Benefits of Being in the Study:

Participation in this study entails no foreseeable risk.

You will not receive any payment for participation in this research, per se. However, participants with best performance will be eligible to win a $50 prize.

In addition, as a participant in this study, you have the opportunity to earn 4 extra credit points, which will count towards your final grade in the Principles of Management course (MAN 3025).


The records of this study will be kept private. As your responses will never be linked to you in this research, there will be no way for you to be associated with your responses. Therefore, in any sort of report we might publish, it will not be possible to identify you as a subject in this research.

Voluntary Nature of the Study:

Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your current or future relations with the University of Florida. If you decide to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time without affecting those relationships.

Contacts and Questions: The researchers conducting this study are Timothy A. Judge and Remus Ilies. If you have questions, you may contact them at,, or at 352-392-0163 or 352-392-9639. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this study and would like to talk to someone other than the researchers, contact the UFIRB office, Box 112250, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-2250, (352) 392-0433.

For your records, a signed copy of this form with the IRB approval-stamp is available to you at Stuzin 201 and 211-A.

Statement of Consent: I have read the procedure described above. I agree to participate in the procedure.

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If you have already signed up please use the links below:

PHASE 1 -- to be completed between June 6 and June 16

PHASE 2 -- to be completed between June 17 and June 24